Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Hilary and I am a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. I have been married for 18 years and have two boys. About fifteen years ago I started a business called kidecals. Kidecals makes waterproof name labels for kid's stuff that are dishwasher and washing machine proof. I created the product to make life more organized, more colorful, and more fun for families everywhere. Recently we sold kidecals which has brought me to my next venture...helping you! 

Starting my business was really amazing as well as extremely challenging. I can tell you what to do and definitely what NOT to do as I have had many successes and failures over the years. I am currently developing an online course to help new entrepreneurs start and grow their business without screwing it up! I want to save you TIME and HEADACHES (or heartbreaks) by giving you a step by step tool to help you start your business the right way. Click here for a free Life Hack Journal perfect for organizing your life and business and I will keep you up to date of when my course launches!

My goal is to share successful information I have learned with you to make your life easier. I want to save you time and resources by helping you to organize your life and business well. 

And always remember, YOU TOTALLY GOT THIS! 




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