My name is Hilary and I am a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. I have been married for 17 years and have two boys. About ten years ago I started a business called kidecals. We make waterproof name labels for kid's stuff that are dishwasher and washing machine proof. I created the product to make life more organized, more colorful, and more fun for families everywhere. Starting a business has been really amazing and extremely challenging. I joke that I can tell you what NOT to do in business as I have made every mistake along the way. But more on that later...

This website is about being "in the know". My friends tease me that I am a bit obsessed with current culture, politics, fashion, travel, education etc.  So this is place I can talk about all of that and keep all of my friends "in the know".  

On a more personal note, we recently discovered that both of our boys are dyslexic. I have been on a tireless journey to advocate properly for my kids and their education. I know what a confusing and exhausting journey learning disabilities can be. You can find my favorite resources and advice about dyslexia here.

This year we decided to take on a new academic and life adventure. We are renting out our home and driving to the southern tip of Baja California, Mexico. We will live in a small artist community for about 7 months. Creating an academic schedule on our own terms is important for us this year as we think it will really strengthen our kids self esteem and fundamental skills. We also believe that experiencing a new culture and language will be a profound learning experience for all of us. I will journal about our adventures of life abroad and home schooling  here

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